Herb Fed Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast Joints


This product is part of our Christmas 2023 collection. All orders for this product must be completed by Wednesday 6th December and will be available for collection from the farm shop on Saturday 23rd December between 9am and 5pm.

A boned and rolled turkey breast joint, expertly filleted from the carcass removing all bones, by our master butchers. The Breast joint is rolled with the skin on and the turkey leg meat inside to offer delicious dark meat as well.  It is then tied into a roll for easy carving and cooking.

If you want to have a traditional roast turkey meal at Christmas but are catering for smaller numbers a rolled turkey breast is the perfect solution. It still provides a fantastic centre piece for the table and you can offer the delicious taste of the very best turkey (with all the trimmings!)

Like all our flocks, our Bronze Turkeys are free to come and go from their barns during the day and enjoy foraging in the paddock, as well as feeding on the freshly cut herbs that supplement their diet and impart that all important flavour.

The birds are dry plucked to give the finest finish and hang for a minimum of 10 days to provide a fuller flavoured, firmer textured meat. All Herb Fed bronze turkey boned & rolled joints are individually boxed and arrive with vacuum packed giblets (included in weight), a packet of fresh Christmas herbs, cooking instructions and a recipe for the ‘Perfect Christmas stuffing’.

Herb Fed bronze turkey boned and rolled joints are individually boxed and arrive with vacuum packed giblets (included in the weight), cooking instructions, a packet of fresh Christmas herbs and a recipe for the ‘Perfect Christmas stuffing’.

Use our helpful guide below to select what size is best for your Christmas Dinner

Size: Serves:
1.5-2kg (3.3-4.4lb)
up to 6 people
2-2.5kg (4.4-5.5lb)
7-8 people
2.5-3kg (5.5-6.6lb)
9-10 people
3-3.5kg (6.6-7.7lb)
10+ people